Equine Nursing Care

If you have a wound needing regular bandage changes and you're not up to or able to do this I am happy to take over this care for you, either at your home or mine, whichever you prefer.

Horse Minders

  • Mobile:027 472 6391
  • Email:jaydeechch@gmail.com
  • Website:www.horseminder.co.nz


  • "I have worked with Jill for the past two years. During this time she has been assisting me to manage and supervise 32 horses we have in care. Recently Jill has taken over full management of this supervision. I have always found Jill to be 100% professional and reliable, going above and beyond when the situation demands. Her equine care knowledge is excellent and Jill is very sensible."

    Sara Elliott-Warren

    Royal NZ SPCA National Training Manager.

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Do you have a horse that needs turnout for a couple of months?

Or a horse that needs to fatten up or slim down?

Possibly recovering from laminitis or foundering and needs to live on a track system for a while?

horse that needs some daily one-on-one groundwork or handling?

Fill out a Contact Form listing some details and I'll be in touch to discuss!

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Feeding Advice

Does your horse drop too much weight in Winter?

Or put weight on in Spring and Summer?

Are you unsure about quantities of hay to feed?

I can come meet you and your horse and help you formulate a good plan for year round maintenance.

Emergency Horse Rescue

I have completed the Massey VERT Large Animal Rescue Workshop and can assist with rescues from ditches, ponds, swimming pools, mud flats, etc.

Your first call should be to the Fire Service (they have the necessary long straps and manpower for pulling), next to your Vet, then me on 027 MINDERS (027 646 3377).

Do NOT attempt to remove a large animal from any of these situations on your own or with a tractor or other vehicle!

Pasture Management Advice

Does your pasture run out?

Or do you have too much pasture?

Do you have large clumps in your pasture?

Do you have a lot of weeds like docks, marshmallow, or buttercup?

Are you continually moving temporary fences?

I can meet you at your property and discuss some options for year round management, and help prevent over-grazing of the ground.

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Track System Grazing Advice

Do your horses get more than 15km of exercise per day?

Does your horse suffer from bouts of laminitis?

Have you been curious about track grazing and want to know more?

Do you need tips on how to set it up at your property?

Track grazing allows your horse his natural instinct to forage and get exercise by following your track system 24/7. It increases circulation and develops and strengthens muscles naturally, and allows you to monitor the amount of grass they eat without having to lock them up or away from their friends.

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